Peterhof: Peter’s Summer Palace

by Kenneth on November 6, 2018
Pictures from my time at Peter the Great's Summer Palace, known as Peterhof. The inside of the palace is off limits for photos so that is why there are no photos of the inside, yet the tour wouldn't allow for photos if they were are guest are filed through the palace in a continously moving line. The Palace as it is today is a complete reconstruction after destruction by the Germans as they laid siege to nearby St. Petersburg, then Leningrad from September 8, 1941 - January 27, 1944. Pictures of the rubble of the original palace can be seen on the tour.

The main fountain was contructed to use the natural slope of the land to create the hydropressure for the fountain; in Peter's time, the fountain reached 80 ft in the air but today, through mechanized control, they limit it to 20 ft.