Remaining in the Present Moment in Poland

by Kenneth Rayman on January 14, 2019
As I love to walk the areas where I travel, I can tend to overreach. This morning when I woke up, after 12 days of constant go, I felt like I didn’t want to leave the hotel. I knew I didn’t come to Poland to sit in a hotel so I made myself take a walk around. Yesterday’s “Stroll in Warsaw” article was, for instance, 8.9 miles of walking, so after 12 days and one more city to go, I felt the need to be leisurely, not full of intent.

I could have walked the twenty minutes to a cell phone shop and fix my SIM card issue but I reminded myself of two things; one, you only have so much daylight and you want to make sure you stay in the moment not worrying about your connection to Instagram and Facebook. Two, you have only two days left in the country where you’ll have to get another SIM card once you reach Amsterdam. I chose to be with my thoughts today, walk and observe, listen to Poland and Krakow around me, and I ended up retracing from memory my walk from the previous day without realizing it, though I had different aims.

I thought to myself about what I’d learned from my guides and the side conversations that we had, what I needed to research when home and how I could write the next chapter of my Polish narrative adventure. Krakow is regarded as the cultural center of Poland and from what I’ve gleaned from Poland’s “triangle” (as they call it) of Krakow, Gdańsk, and Warsaw, represent three beating hearts of Poland, Cultural, Social, and Logical. It seemed fitting given the blog’s name that I make the connection with the Polish hearts.

On to Wroclaw tomorrow for two days before leaving for Amsterdam before returning to Seattle.