Where Does Your Heart Call You?

by Kenneth Rayman on July 24, 2017
Do we wish that we lived somewhere else, whether in a different state, city, or country? Some of us yes, others no, but it’s something that I’ve asked myself each time I went somewhere new. A couple of times I did say to myself, “I bet it’s easier to live here, because I’d have a better opportunity to make something of myself.” In hindsight, that was very short-sighted and not very self aware because I was only looking at one side of the equation. But I realize that I’ve asked myself, “ Would I live here?” each time I visited somewhere new. I realize that I’m looking at things through tourist eyes and the danger of Rose colored glasses is very real but it puts into perspective, for me at least, where I am in the world.

I can remember thinking to myself visiting cities in the US for field trips and thinking yes or no on that same question. I’ve heard people say that they don’t want to live anywhere else or care to even know what else is out there in the world and that saddens me. It only limits you to certain experiences that may, just like a tourist’s Rose glasses, only show one side of the equation. That’s not to tell anyone that shouldn’t believe that, I just have never understood the value of not experiencing the world. I knew I didn’t want to live in Indiana since I was a child, knowing full well I wanted to live in Seattle when I grew up. I knew I wanted to see Russia and learn the Russian language, and I knew some places just weren’t for me.

I remember thinking that my school trip to San Antonio was the best because it felt like the best of both worlds. It has the climate of the Southwest where I lived at the time but it wasn’t dry all the time like New Mexico was. There was humidity to cool the air but it didn’t seem to be too much in one way or the other. Conversely, the school trip to San Diego was fraught with issues of the fast paced California lifestyle. The busyness didn’t appeal to me at all and I wanted to go home as fast as possible.

That said, I can say that I feel like I could live in Oslo, Norway or St. Petersburg, Russia. I feel at peace in both these cities and it’s not a political statement of “if so-and-so wins I’m moving to…” I truly do feel like I could live in a society where, yes I know there are issues (political or otherwise just like anywhere else) and there are different laws that may govern my life differently (though each has freedoms of their own), but the feel of the day to day would not be to worry about global influence, power, or positioning but to live in the moment and find your place in the world around you. I felt at home in both Oslo and St. Petersburg, just as I felt at home in Seattle before moving there. Where the Heart Calls may be different for everyone but, for me, the Heart Calls in the language of loving the life experience.