Whats Your Souvenir of Choice?

by Kenneth Rayman on August 7, 2018

What’s your favorite souvenir? What do you always look for as a souvenir when you travel?

Growing up it was, as a kid, toys (I just HAD to have that Tar Heels basketball at 10 years old going through Charlotte International Airport), as a teenager it was keychains, as I was about to get a car and had a Phoenix one, a Denver one, and an Indianapolis one all connected to my Class of 2004 lanyard for one car key and one house key… smh

When I visited Seattle before moving I bought a hat/T-shirt combo and that hat became my absolute favorite until it had to be retired due to mountains of sweat, grime, and threading coming loose (I was devastated at the time because I wasn’t in a position to move yet so who knew when the next time I’d be there was) As an adult, souvenir ballcaps just look hokey to me and scream “TOURIST!” or “CHEAP TOURIST!” I like the idea of a shirt though and since I’m a coffee nut, how about a cup?

I decided not to buy my souvenirs in the airport, because some of the cheapest, hokiest looking souvenirs, to me, are there. I almost bought a coffee cup at Schipol Airport in AMS but said “no that’s cheating, I never stepped out of Schipol to sightsee” (yet). I decided to buy my shirts and coffee cups at vendors in the city. Sure, they may be from the same supplier or the same I might find in the airport but I feel like I’m buying local from the shopkeeper and actually finding the one that connects with me and my time and experience there.

I wear the right country T-shirt to each presentation I give, also.