Vishen Lakiahni Has Impeccable Timing

by Kenneth Rayman on October 8, 2018

I shared this to my personal Facebook a week ago and talked about how it came along at the best time on my podcasts app. Vishen makes an incredible point here, to where I felt he was in the passenger seat giving me advice on this entrepreneurship journey I’ve embarked on.

For too long I defined myself through metrics that weren’t my own: I should be working towards a house, a better car, a certain job level, etc. Those metrics did nothing but frustrate me because the finish line always moved. But yet embarking on this lead me to think in the back of my mind, shouldn’t I want the security of being in a position with a company? Shouldn’t I want to make the move towards a leadership position? What if everyone didn’t want to do the hard work and think that if they went into business from themselves that it would be easier? Would there be any companies to even work for? When this episode was made available this question about companies even existing ran through my head and I admitted that it was existential rather than practical. Not everyone is meant to run with the pack and then there are some that can’t function without it, whether through their own strengths or their own internal beliefs, but that’s ok. That’s.. OK!

I have wrestled with the thought of the penny pinch lately, hearing people previously tell me that I needed to be careful with my inheritance, as if they “knew” I’d blow it away or that this was the last time I’d get any help and therefore should be careful. I said to myself in response, “that didn’t serve me. The path didn’t serve me. What I’ve done so far has added to my life, not subtracted though on the balance sheet it might look that way. That view was of scarcity, I choose to look at the addition to my life and therefore opportunity: friends across the globe, experiences that I only dreamed of but never took my own action prior to achieve, and the creative passion to turn those experiences into a path to share a new way to look at the world and ourselves by someone who turned a misfortunate sheltered upbringing into a blossoming growth mindset that is highly relatable.

I wrote on the personal post that I only hold three metrics of old anymore, the amount of money I’d like to hit (that’s not exuberant but comfortable), the car I’d like to have (not a Bentley or Aston Martin) and the stuff I do want (which doesn’t go much beyond an apartment in the city yet removed from the hustle and bustle and a dishwasher 😂). My metrics now are what have I experienced and want to experience, what have I shared, who do I want to meet, and as Vishen says here, did I grow?

This is my creative venture that I’m looking to expand beyond senior care audiences for speaking engagements. I’m getting into the health space from a coaching standpoint by getting into Beachbody coaching for beginners yoga to show how limitations in both mind and body can be overcome and use it as an extension of my brand here.

Vishen, in this video, touched me to yet again to remind me that I’m on the right path for me and I hope to help you through these words, stories, and actions to find what works for you and go for it.