A Reminder of Why I'm Needed

by Kenneth Rayman on May 30, 2019

Occasionally, we need to go over the basics and clear out the confusion that accumulates as we grow and add on to them. I’ve learned plenty of lessons when re-approaching the basics this way. Whenever I get in a growth bind or am struggling with something, I normally check Brendon Burchard’s content and, often, he’s released an episode not to long too before that refreshes my mindset and clears out what’s clouding my interpretation and decision making. Though I haven’t been an avid listener of his for awhile, but I can always count on him for that refresh. 

Recently, I was having a hard time with the start of a next facet of my journey, the growth of my writing in more ways than my own, and a health problem manifested around the same time that caused me to crash mentally and physically. I was very down on myself, though recognizing it was just an emotional valley caused by the two occurrences hitting at once, but I randomly saw a podcast on my iPhone I hadn’t listened to for a while, and the episode title reminded me of my current need and tapped “play.” Pat Flynn’s “The World Needs You,” on the Youpreneur podcast reminded me of why I was on my journey and that these days would, in fact, pass yet would also not go completely away. It reminded me that this is the natural progression an idea takes, reflecting on how my blog and message had indeed changed, grown, and the distinction of my personal and professional mission had evolved since June 6, 2017 when I clicked “create page” on Facebook.

I must be constantly reminded to not compare myself to others, especially those in the entrepreneurial space that I follow. I think more than anything with my health, finances, and whatever else goes on in my world, entrepreneurial acumen makes the “worthiness” thought resurface. When someone I follow, however, is super open about something that dings the polished image of them having it all together once the camera is off, they endear themselves to me more with their brutal honesty and self-clarity. It boosts me to know that while my content isn’t polished by a team of people, our journeys are one in the same, in terms of humanity. Knowing that they still aren’t showing everything that’s behind the camera helps to keep myself in perspective and not be swayed by the message of the social highlight reel and every “marketing genius” ad that comes my way. 

Those words, “the world needs you” reminded me to keep focus on the process, not the result, more than ever at that moment. He had given a similar speech on his Smart Passive Income podcast but that episode, “The Riches are in the Niches,” was totally about strategy; the Youpreneur episode included a personal story that no matter the size of your audience someone could be depending on you for their own mindset. Pat had almost quit his podcast until he received an email that proved he was doing more than he ever imagined. He had been dealing with burnout with what had started as a fun project but morphed into an obsession of growth and metric defined “success,” though considered a success for what he had already accomplished. The email randomly received was from a gentleman in Poland named Michal, who had been using his podcast as inspiration to keep going after a major accident that left him bedridden and worried about how to provide for his family. That email was what Pat was missing, the “social proof” that his work had made a difference beyond the metrics that showed “success.”

For me, I’ve had to get rid of the need for validation. The metrics haven’t meant much to me overall because of my introduction to internet business and making a living on my interest through Gary Vaynerchuk’s wisdom preaching not to pay attention to metrics, instead building connection through amazing content and interaction; yet we all fall prey to that thought at one point or another. Is what I’m doing mattering? Am I making an impact? I’m not getting any engagement or info back to judge, so am I doing good or not? How can I grow further? What’s the next step for me to succeed? Getting into this mode, I immediately try to think of something I should write about or someone to reach out to. This time, I reminded myself of the usual people I do get in that engagement. I can’t just give up when after two years I have regular readers across Russia, Estonia, and the US, among other places in Europe and Asia.  I reminded myself of someone I met online and then in person in Amsterdam that helped me with my first break in a new medium, while we continue to support each other, and her advice in Amsterdam when I mentioned not understanding manifesting, in the personal growth sense, that made it finally make sense. 

Regardless of how small I may feel, there is a community around me that appreciates me with my own Michal but I just don’t know it yet. I’ve engaged with travel communities across the world and have begun to find places here locally in Washington that share my vision. I still need to remind myself that finding things like the Transformational Travel Council here in my backyard of Seattle means I’m not alone in my desire to look at the narratives in the world and to try change them. I don’t need and shouldn’t look at them as “someone beat me to it” like my friend Jason Goldberg said, in Tallinn, when he found Marie Forleo doing comedy and personal growth. I should look at it as “Awesome! Someone else is also wanting to change the narrative of the countries around the world that we hold!!!” not “Oh no! Someone else is already wanting to change the narrative…” I should really be proud that I’m not alone in my desire to explore the world, create content, and connection, and be proud of the community I’ve built on my own that I can share this new discovery with. Essentially, as Jason points out, “realize you’re in the reminder business and it will be freeing because you’re no longer focused on the creation of some ‘BRAND NEW’ thing.” And then he pointed out expertly, “I’m 5 years in and I still need reminders.”

Finding the Transformation Council, I read the headline of the article and fist pumped in the air finally finding someone that was doing the same as me and, bonus points, they were local. I dove into their website and joined a Facebook group of theirs. Unfortunately, the group was for a specific internal program that I failed to notice, but that caused the founder to “friend” me to connect further. I went from a tremendous low to a high quickly because I re-approached the basics through Pat’s speech that I had listened to multiple times, forgot about, and came across again at just the right moment to refocus my attention on the growth I’d already achieved and move forward. 

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