A Little Book That Can Open Eyes

by Kenneth Rayman on June 23, 2018
As I prepare for another journey, I’m reminded of what that little book at the bottom opened up for me. My eyes, my heart, my humanity, and my creativity.

No, I didn’t just dive in head first to travel, writing, speaking, and influencer marketing without a plan when that retired Russian neurosurgeon sitting next to me on the KLM flight in May from Moscow to Amsterdam told me to follow my dream of seeing all the places I wanted to but it’s been a journey and I’ve made contact with great people through it, whether it be my friend Galina in St. Petersburg who showed me such kindness (who I will see again this trip) and show that friendships don’t know borders or nationalities. Whether it’s been the guides, museums, or even the hotels that I’ve stayed in contact with. That little book did so much more than when I expected it to be a one and done trip to give myself a lifetime birthday present last year.

I also know the responsibility that I now carry with that little book as I look to add to this T-shirt collection. In these times where we’ve unfortunately self-isolated from the greater world community and relationships strained, I now have a responsibility to show my mission through “Where The Heart Calls You” to exemplify what global citizenry really means and provide a shining example of humility and empathy toward my fellow global community.

Thank you. Спасибо. Tusen takk. Kittos. Aitäh!