Kenneth Rayman

I am a creative at heart and have always been able to read between the lines.

I spent my childhood watching and seeing far off places either in documentaries on different countries or the Olympics and the peaceful competition therein. I learned of geopolitics in pop culture and the news but the fault of the character or real life antagonist didn’t extend past themselves or their small little bubble. I somehow knew that the good in the world outweighed the bad, with the culture on the screen.

Getting the opportunity to travel in 2017 allowed me to mentally refresh and I found myself in awe that I was right in my internal narrative that the human experience was shared and not wholly represented by that 1% of bad. I found myself not wanting to return home but not because of lack of desire to go back to work or the hum drum of regular life, but how alive I felt learning from the source of my imagination. I came back to the US determined to find a way to do more travel and decided to start speaking to small groups on the experiences I had and the between-the-lines narratives I passionately see, while writing on it as a weekly blog on Facebook before launching this website.

I want to give a voice to the narrative that may be hidden by the overarching story attached to it. Instead of thinking about the petty squabbles in the world at the moment, I focus on the precise moment when I’m one with the ground under my feet, the air in my lungs, the sights and sounds surrounding me, the local person I strike up a conversation with and even that first bite of local cuisine. I see the culture in every detail I see and every sensation I hear, feel, and taste. I feel alive when I am the foreigner because I learn my place in the world and the worth of my message in this blog, of global citizenry and external and internal reflection on their story and our own.

I’m a student of history but also of those around me and who have shaped me. I have a keen eye for personal growth and regularly listen to keynote speeches and podcasts of people I follow like Tom Bilyeu, Gary Vaynerchuk, Jon Vroman, Brendon Burchard, and Vishen Lakiahni. I listen intently to the personal growth stories, tips, strategies, and tools they share and look for ways to grow myself as a writer and human being through their “teachings,” so when I say, “and our own” (like I did above), I mean I don’t just want to change our view of each other, I want to help change the way we view ourselves too.

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